Friday, December 01, 2006

It's final!

So we are officially moving into our house in December.. or we have to now because I gave our notice for our appartment! or we will be homeless :) I can't believe it!! only 18 more days!! I better get a move on and start packing more instead of sitting here at my computer bloggin :) So we went to go visit my hubby for a few days - it was really nice to see him again and Tristian had a great time playing with his dad and his birthday present :) Kevin bought a wagon for TJ's birthday and I took it home with us. Tristian has this facination with wheels.. he is such a boy it's not even funny :) Anyone want to help me pack??? :) that's what i thought :)


Stacey said...

Sounds like you're busy packing!! You'll have to give us a virtual tour of your new house once you've moved in! Have fun!

Mikayla said...

Hello Ellen,
Hi! I'm Mikayla... I've become friends with Susanna Yadlowsky. I enjoyed reading you December 1st post. Tristan is very cute. E-mail me at:
I hope you like your new house, when you get moved in.