Monday, December 11, 2006

my cutie pa-tootie :)

I got some more pics of my little trouble maker :) I love this guy so much i just want to squish him.. well, not really squish him, but you know what i mean.. just pinch his cheeks or somethin..

On this one he is actually sitting inside the little cubby space :)


Stacey said...

Isn't it great when they start exploring! He's going to have so much fun learning all the 'new' places in your house! How many more days? I bet you're so busy packing! I remember moving into our house.. it felt like we had so much to pack, and then we moved in and found out that we didn't really have enough stuff to fill all the space in our house! We lived in a really tiny one bedroom apartment for the first year or so, and now we live in an old three bedroom house with an unfinished basement. LOT'S of work to do!

Andrea said...

Very cute pictures! I like the first one, where he's sitting in his chair...he looks a little michevious there! hehe...wonder where he gets that from? :) (I still think about and laugh about that time we had to wash the dining hall chairs...all because we couldn't stop laughing in the dorm!! :) )