Friday, December 08, 2006

It's getting closer...

I can hardly believe it. Pretty soon we will be in our new house!! I went to the house today to take a look at it - and the floor people were just finished so here are some pics of the floors. Altogether I was actually a little disappointed in the overall look together - it just didn't have the 'wow! I love it!' but I have to remember that its not all done yet. Also the flooring and walls are similar in color, so once I get the contrasting pieces in it may all come together. I do like it tho, but I will let you see and tell me what you think.. :)
Entryway stairs..
Kitchen/pantry area Dinning room area..

Living room (and no the blue stuff is not staying..)
I was just thinking.. the baseboards are not all on yet and that will make a difference too.. and actually the more i look at these pictures the more i think i like it.. funny.. :)

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