Sunday, September 02, 2007

Who wouldn't want to win... *updated Sept 4*

Ok here's a post for some more contests :) Adventures in Babywearing together with Vincent Shoes are giving away a $50 gift certificate for Vincent shoes.. check it out - I love shoes now I can get the coolest shoes for my kids :)

Growing a Life is having a giveaway celebration of Growing and Giving to celebrate their one year old's birthday :) Check it out, there are lots of prizes and at least one giveaway for everyday of the week!!

SuperMomz is giving away a $30 gift certificate for So if you need anything for the little one, go and check it out. (KaTasidy)

And lastly, MomViews along with Bebe Au Lait is giving away... wait for it... a hooter hider :) yup that's right! And since I'm all about hooter hiding, I would love one and hope to win :)

Mom Views is giving away two really cool Itzbeen.. what is that you say.. well I think it would be really handy tool to win, especially with #2 almost here.. It is a multi-timer.. you can set the times that your child has last ate/peed/pooed etc so you don't need to try to remember :) So head on over to Mom Views to enter!

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