Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two days left..

So my due date is coming in two days.. I think I am going to have another baby that's a little stubborn :) Time seems so long yet I know it really is so short! I made myself a nursing pillow (like a Boppy Pillow) the other day and now I am working on a small rag quilt. My mom had got me and my sister-in-law both sewing machines for Christmas last year.. we didn't have really good luck with the first ones, and so we exchanged them for new ones and I decided that I really should try mine out. I really like it, it works really nice.. there is so much that it can do - I don't even know the half of it :)

Anyway, I got a video of my little guy and his new toy :) He just loves the trampoline and in 2 days he learned how to actually jump with both feet at the same time! Check it out..


Andrea said...

What a good jumper! He is adorable as usual...and who knows, maybe you'll be one of the 2% of people who have their baby on their actual due date! let's hope, right?!

Stacey said...

I can't believe you actually climbed up onto the trampoline at 9 months pregnant!! Just don't try jumping. My mom had a friend who bounced her baby back up because she thought she would try to bounce it DOWN! not a smart idea.

Ellen said...

actually climbing off of the trampoline is way harder :) no, I'm not feeling the bounce - altho the thought had crossed my mind (good to know about your mom's friend). Yeah that would be cool to actually have the baby on her due date - funny thing is I know 2 people who had their babies on their date just this summer!!