Friday, September 07, 2007

39 Week Appointment..

So as I am approaching my due date, I am starting to really think that I am going to have to learn some more patience!! I had my Dr. appointment and no changes.. I think my gurl is a snuggle-er and probably too content and wants to stay where she is :) I am now preparing myself that I will probably go overdue and probably end up being induced.. altho that is not the worst thing in the world.. my induction with my son went really well. But either way in two weeks or so I get to be introduced to my bundle of joy :) I am excited but I know it will be bitter-sweet.. why?? Well I know that I would never change having a baby for anything in the world!! I love my child SO much already - I don't even have the capacity to say (all you mothers know what I mean) but at the same time once the little one is here, I will wonder why I wished away my last weeks of having only one child to care for :) Don't get me wrong on this one.. I am cherishing every moment with my son, every moment being pregnant (except for the sore hips!!), and every moment of this life journey!! What a blessing it is to have kids and to be able to bear children - I think it makes me feel so alive and uniquely feminine! Just remind me of this when I feel like I am falling apart and can't handle it!! haha..


Stacey said...

Hi Ellen! Thought I'd reply to you here, since you probably check this pretty often. I really like doing the pay u 2 blog posts. They're really easy, and only take a few minutes. The only downfall is that they decide how many opportunities they give you, so you can't really decide how much you want to do. They were only giving me like 2 posts per week for a few weeks, which really sucked. SO I asked them for more, and now they gave me 16 to do in a week!! So, I'm posting everyday this week because of that.

I have already been paid a few times. They pay every two weeks through paypal. Really easy and nice! It's $5 US per post.

Hope this helps!!

Stam House said...

Soon (hopefully)! We will meet this little blessing!