Friday, June 04, 2010

Things That Make My Day

You know those small things in your day that just make you smile? I live for those small moments :) I wish I could put them in a box and draw them out as needed - but I will definately settle for the spontaneous moments that I am given!

K (at 2.5yrs): Thank you for the supper Mom. It was delicous. (this is not prompted, or said after someone else and also not something that has been actively taught)

T: Supper was really yummy today.

Me: I wish someone would help me with the dishes today...
Kids in unison: I will. I will.

K: Mommy you're so pretty.

and of course..

K or T: I love you mom!


Goofball said...

so cute

jen at Soulfull Cafe said...

Hi Ellen! I am sure as you visit SoulFULL Cafe today, that you will have another reason to be thankful:) We will be in touch, I hope. Bless you,