Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day with My Dad

I am thankful for my husband and what a wonderful father he is, but today I want to show my gratitude for my father. Me and my dad have always had what I considered a close relationship. I have always looked up to my dad and was thankful for him. Somehow when you have your own kids many things are magnified, for me one of those things is how much I admire my father.

I know that for some my son can seem a handful, but mostly he is just inquisitive and NEEDS to know how things work (it just does, or because are not answers that he is happy with!). He is very hands on and involved with things that he is interested in - for many adults, especially those that are 'past' the preschool aged children stage, this can be a nusance and annoying. So many times I have witnessed my dad taking the time (and patience) needed to completely explain and discuss things with my son (explaining things fully that most 4yr olds would not care to hear about, but for my son, nothing else will satisfy). Showing him how things work and encouraging him in his learning journey, my dad has been involved in many special moments in my son's life because of the time he has invested in my son. To me, I see a huge outpouring of love, not just for my son, but for me as well, as my son is a part of me. Thank you Dad for being the father I need and the Grandfather that my kids need!
One of my favorite photos, TJ 'driving' Grandpa's tractor :)

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