Monday, June 28, 2010

Praying for My Man

I really like this weeks challenge for the Summer Marriage Challenge. Not because it's going to be easy, but because I know that I need to do this more often and more consistantly - and that is praying for my husband. So my goal for this week is to pray through this list once a day - I think I may split half in the morning and half in the evening because with little kids I may not have the time to get through it all at once. Here's the list: pray for
  1. His wife
  2. His work
  3. His finances
  4. His sexuality
  5. His affections
  6. His temptations
  7. His mind
  8. His fears
  9. His purpose
  10. His choices
  11. His health
  12. His protection
  13. His trials
  14. His integrity
  15. His reputation
  16. His priorities
  17. His relationships
  18. His fatherhood
  19. His past
  20. His attitude
  21. His marriage
  22. His emotions
  23. His walk
  24. His talk
  25. His repentance
  26. His deliverance
  27. His obediance
  28. His self image
  29. His faith
  30. His future

By the end of the week I would also like to post how our week went. Have a great week!!

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