Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Precious

I loved seeing my kids with their new baby cousin!! It was very sweet to see. My son was a bit cautious, but eager to hold the baby - but not for too long. He was so gentle and careful and loved looking into baby Z's face. K on the other hand was ALL about the baby!! She wanted to hold him all the time and all by herself :) It's a great preview of how things may be when it's their new sibling!


Kalle said...

Such great pictures. I'm sure they'll be great big brothers and sisters.

Stam House said...

That is so sweet! Our big sister love holding their baby sister, giving kisses and the oldest always run to try to change te diaper before I do it LOL!

I'm sure your precious little one will love helping out with baby brother or sister!!!

Goofball said...

how adorable