Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the Day

As part of challenge, every Monday I will be blogging about different things relating to my marriage. This week the challenge includes remembering when me and my husband were dating. It seems like such a long time ago, but really it hasn't been that many years(almost 7), it's just that so many things have changed in the mean time (mostly having kids!).

How we met and dated may not have been that of a typical relationship, but then again if you know us, how typical are we :) I met my husband where I worked. That may not seem so unusual, but I worked at the front desk at a hotel. My husband, (I'll call him Skinny since that's his nickname at work) worked 3 weeks out of 4 - this included living 3 weeks out of 4 at 'my' hotel. Not only did he stay 3 weeks of 4, but this cycled for about 10 months of the year. So even though he was not 'from' my town he 'lived' there at the time.

Once Skinny got over his 'fear' of me (you know how boys ignore girls that they like), we got to know each other on a casual basis. He would stop by after work and we would spend a lot of time talking (when I wasn't busy with other customers) about everything. The first time he asked me on a date was for his birthday. I was really unsure if it was a wise thing to do (I mean how well did I REALLY know this guy), and it took almost 2 weeks of him trying to convince me before I said yes. (*note: we met at the restaurant because if he turned out to be a creep or not a guy I would be interested in dating, I didn't really want him knowing where I was living)

(sorry no digital pictures, this is a picture of a photo of when we were dating. We were going to a Christmas party)

Things worked out well and our dating included working around two very crazy work schedules, spending time together whenever and wherever we could (I was renting a room at my aunt and uncle's so spending time together after 11pm, when my shift ended wasn't very feasible - so we would usually go out for a bite to eat since we both hadn't really had any supper). Besides the typical activities that couples tend to do, like going for supper, movies, etc, there was one favorite thing I liked to do. I loved the spontaneous fun we could have just going to the pet store, or visiting the mall, or going to get our haircut at the same time. Just enjoying being together, with a carefree and silly spirit.

So, thinking of one thing that I would like to regain that we may have lost in the shuffle of life, is just really enjoying BEING together and having fun together. This may be difficult to calculate, but added together with the fact that my husband is working away right now - I would like to be prayerful of this all week, particularly in changing my attitude at times - relax a little and have fun. (sometimes I have a difficult time being too much of the responsible adult, and need to remember to just have fun sometimes.) When my husband does come home, I would like us to go on a date night (no kids!) with him and do something other than go for a movie (you really don't get bonding time when you watch a movie).


My Wee View said...

Dating was so much fun wasn't it?

My husband and I had a chance to go away together last week - without kids and it was just like we were kids again. I loved it :)

Not that I don't enjoy time as a family, it was just nice for the 2 of us to get away.

Thanks for sharing your story


Stam House said...

Thanks for sharing your love story :-) it's sometimes difficult to juggle all that we have on our plate as mothers, but having a date night is always tuns of fun :-)

Goofball said...

you seem to have the same cautionness as I have when meeting new guys . smiles

Ellen said...

Thanks for the comments ladies :) Lynette, I know what you mean about enjoying your family but also needing the time together as a couple. Besides, taking care of your marriage IS taking care of your family :) lol Goofball, I guess just one more thing we have in common :)

jen at Soulfull Cafe said...

Sweet story Ellen. Thanks for sharing. I hope the two of you can enjoy a really crazy and silly, fun date together!