Monday, September 28, 2009

Precious Moments :)

At the end of August I packed up the kids and we headed north to visit my parents. The kids had a great time and many precious moments were captured. I wish we could live closer to the kids' grandparents (both sets!) and that we could visit both families more often - but right now it's not a reality for us. I grew up with my Grandparents in the same town and I knew I was lucky, I got to know my Grandparents farely well and remember many special moments that a lot of my cousins never got to experience (because of distance). So here are some of the captured moments my kids had :)Sunday after church, waiting for lunch time - this one is a favorite of mine!TJ with the best ever grin on his face!! ICE CREAM!!!TJ watching as Grandma and Grandpa prepare to lead the music for church the next day. One of TJ's favorite things to do... make COFFEE!! Grandma and Grandpa even have a coffee grinder!!! (we don't drink coffee at home)

The kids playing wonderfully together!! (better capture that one for sure! haha)
K playing with the new kittens we brought to Grandma's house - the look on her face is one that means she would just like to pet the kitten SOOOOOO much that she might squish it :)

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Allie said...

Grandparents are truly so incredibly precious. I too grew up with an influence of them and I am saddened that my children are missing out on that experience. Theirs are too far away as well, so they only get to be around them perhaps once or twice a year.

Looks like your children were soaking up the experience though! They are certainly beautiful little angels!