Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Siblings and School

Some days I wonder if I'm doing things right... I understand that most siblings fight (I did with my brothers). The part that I am worried about is that I don't always take one child's side vs. the other one. I pray that I realize who the instigator is and not always blaming the 'bad' one, if you know what I mean. I don't want to pit my kids against each other - I want to encourage their relationship! Anyone have any great ideas about getting kids to play together, and not just bicker at each other? Don't get me wrong, my kids can play VERY nicely together, when they want to, but other times it's one pestering the other, the other whinning and retaliating, and then the other one cries too... it's a tiring circle some days!

On the other hand, the love that is shared between them is incredible, the hugs, the kisses, the giggles, the scheming, the jumping on the bed together, the chasing and laughter - it warms my heart. There are tiny moments that would be easy to miss, but they are like little treasures. I just wish it could be like this more than it is.. but I suppose with a 3 yr old and an almost 1.5yr old, the sibling rivalry should be expected :)

In other news, I am really excited for February! I enrolled TJ in a local gymnastics class!! I think he's going to love it!! The thing is they have a wonderful playschool there that I would like to enroll him in, in the fall, but it is SO popular that basically the only way to get him in is to first have him in gymnastics class(kids currently in a class have priority enrollment over the public). The preschool class is a morning class with a 45 minute section of gynmastics as well. I think it will be so helpful for him with discipline, listening to the teacher, socializing, plus the great exercise he will get! My reason for wanting to put TJ into preschool, is that I hope it will help me decide if TJ would be ready for kindergarten in Sept 2010 or not. Since his birthday is in December, he makes it just before the cutoff, but do I want to send him when he's 4 turning 5 or 5 turning 6? Any thoughts?


Carrie said...

I was totally in gymnastics too when I was little. It's awesome, and I love having those pictures and a few home videos. Kids in bodysuits and leotards are too cute!

I vote you put TJ in school at 5 going on 6, then when he's in highschool he'll be the first to get his drivers out of his friends, and won't be younger than all the girls ;) Not that you'd mind I"m sure you don't want to think about him dating girls now do you? ;)

Ellen said...

wow, that's so true Carrie, I'd never even thought of that (the whole drivers/younger than all the girls thing) not that we're thinking of EITHER of those things yet :) thanks :)

Allie said...

It is tough dealing with the bickering isn't it? And while it is tough and at times draining, I think that it also fosters a good relationship between siblings and allows each other to grow. Especially more so that they already have good play time and affection towards each other as it is.

As for taking sides, as long as you are there to listen to each of them attempt to communicate what is going on (or went on), you are supporting them accordingly.

So exciting about the gymnastics and preschool! Kaelen is loving preschool and honestly, it has been the best experience for him as he has captured that excitement and curiosity of wanting to learn ...

I think that you should hang on and see how the little man does in preschool as that will help you determine if he is emotionally ready to start kindergarten the following year. He may excel so much in preschool that you may find that you will want something more stimulating for him right away, or it could go the opposite and you may find that he will need that extra year in a more relaxed atmosphere. In the long run, your inner Mommy voice will guide you in the right path.

Your children are so cute!! Masyn has a stroller like K and that stroller goes where ever she goes!!

amy said...

We've talked about the school issue alot lately here too. Camry just turned four yesterday and all of her friends are born in the 2004 year. They will all go to school in fall, as they will turn five in july, october and november of 09. Although we think that she could do very well in kindergarten this fall, we've decided to keep her home another year (cause I can't bear to think of her in school in fall) because a few teachers I've talked to say that kids learn so much by being at home that it's best if they can stay there as long as possible. So she will be the oldest in the class. I've asked alot of people about this and the general feeling is that it's better for the child to have a little bit of a head start than be at the very back and not catch on, or still be needing naps. Or to start and get moved up rather than start and having to be held back. I know all kids are different and even though the ages are there the readiness may not be. I hope you guys can feel peace about whatever decision you make. The decisions involving our kids are such tough ones, hey?