Thursday, January 29, 2009

Only Mommies can be excited about pee and other adventures

Ok, I know K isn't that old yet, especially to try potty training... but she keeps asking to go pee.. so I keep taking her. Just the other day I had been taking her to the potty regularly, and after 5 minutes of such a trip she said 'pee', so I figured, hey what does it hurt. So I took her again, and she actually had a full pee on the potty!! I was so excited!! I know she's not going to be potty trained over night, but really if she wants to keep this up, I'm willing to participate :)

In other news, the kids were playing outside yesterday, it's beautiful out here, a few degrees above zero. Of course my son HAD to find the only mud around and got his mittens, jacket and snowpants full of it!!

I started this post and didn't get to finish it (wonder how that happens!?!) so today I am adding a happy birthday going out to my big brother or more commonly known around here as Uncle Mike :) Hope it's the start of a great new year!

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Allie said...

Yay for Miss Smarty Pants!! How awesome is that? There just has to be something said for our smart little girls no? Masyn has mastered the poop on the toilet and will always pee on the toilet - yet she saturates her diaper with the pee.

How old is K now? I can't believe how quickly she is growing up!