Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little News

So Monday has come and gone and not a whole lot has come of it. What happened with Kevin's job is that just before Christmas he was offered a promotion. Late New Years Eve he was told that they took away his promotion because of an incident that happened before he was even offered the promo. Needless to say we had been waiting for this for a long time, and when the bad news hit it was pretty stressful all around. So on Monday Kevin had a meeting with his bosses (we figured that the only reason they wanted a meeting with him was to fire him) but turns out he's not fired, but also no promotion for who knows how long! So needless to say the decision we need to make at this point is whether to keep going at the current rate or to find something better. There are a lot of other factors that I haven't mentioned but this is the basic goings on of our situation.


Allie said...

From the sounds of it, it sounds very disappointing. I for one would find it very difficult to keep on working with enthusiasm after being offered a promotion only to have it taken away again a few days later. Despite not knowing the details nor the situation, how can a company do that? Poor HR decisions if you ask me.

Good luck, chin up and I hope to read a very positive outcome out of this!! And here I thought for sure that you were going to tell me that you were pregnant again. (insert wink here)

Ellen said...

lol, you know what, I did think of that afterwards that people may think I had news about a little one :) not yet - I'm still debating that one :)

It is really tough, and I think for a guy it can really hurt the self esteem (even tho they wouldn't say it!). It's really too bad because it's really all about one guy on a power trip it seems, do one little 'wrong' thing and all the good/extra stuff you've done doesn't count! Yeah, I'm hoping that good stuff will come of this, even though it seems like my husband is too stubborn to quit (I would have, since they haven't treated him fairly, and this isn't the first time!)