Thursday, May 10, 2007

7 Random Facts and 1 Lesson

So here I am finally getting back to the computer, and I find out I've been tagged for this, this is hard!! But here goes anyway :)
  1. My middle name is Denise.. as a child I remembered how to spell it by saying it was "de-nice" with an 's' instead of 'c' :)
  2. I have become slightly lactose intolerant with pregnancy, which sucks cuz I can't eat all the ice cream I crave or if I do I pay with really aweful bloated/stomach cramp type feelings :(
  3. I have a real hard time saying sorry, as a child I would refuse to say sorry, even though I told my parents that my tummy wanted to say sorry but I just couldn't.
  4. When ordering pizza I love designing my own, one of my favorites is pepperoni, pineapple, feta cheese, onion, fresh tomatoe!
  5. When pregnant with my son Tristian one of my favorite snacks to pick up at Mac's a block away was: sour apple slushies, wonder bar and French onion Sun Chips :) hmmm..
  6. I used to read all the time like several thick (fiction) books a week, now I don't read any and I really miss it but I've been told that will come back once my kids are older :)
  7. I love to dance and one day I would like to take dance lessons (like ballroom, tango or other classic type dances) but it would take a miracle to get my hubby out there!! :)

So now for the lesson, and its a gooder -

when the house gets really quiet for a few minutes, check on your kids they are probably doing something they shouldn't :) haha..

P.S. I now tag Crystal and Paul

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Andrea said...

Oh yeah...I LOVE your lesson! haha...that is so true, and I've found that out ALREADY...even though Tate isn't crawling or anything yet...he still gets really quiet when he has found something "new" to play a remote we left lying to close to him, or pulling on the curtains or something! hehe :)