Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Enjoying Summer Weather..

It's been so nice out these days, and it makes me so happy :) Isn't it funny how sunshine can make one feel so good.. So Kevin wrote his test and he feels pretty confident that he did well but he still has to wait another 2 weeks to get his results, ugh.. anyway we made it back home and I've been busy doing stuff. Yeah that's how it feels.. just stuff. On Monday I was all energetic and did laundry, baking, and sorting thro baby stuff (wow that doesn't sound like much but it sure kept me busy all day).. I went thro all of Tristian's stuff (clothes that are too small) and divided the clothes into 'boy' and 'unisex' boxes and created a 'new baby' drawer with 0-3 months stuff.. it was actually pretty fun going thro all of the little stuff, it's hard to believe that my boy was so small 1 1/2 yrs ago!! But as I am procrastinating now, I need to go and clean up the floor before my boy wakes up so that I can vacuum :)

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