Monday, May 14, 2007

22 & 1/2 week pic

I know it's been way to long since I've posted preggo tummy pics.. so here's one. You know it's funny I have really grown or 'popped' out like some would say, and yet it doesn't look like it that much in this pic. But I did gain a lot of weight these last 5 weeks!! I couldn't believe it that I had gained 7 lbs!!! Crazy.. altho if you look at the whole picture, it's not so bad cuz since I got pregnant I have only gained 6 lbs in total (cuz I lost weight a few months ago).. anyways here's the promised pic..

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Andrea said...

Nice belly! hehe...yes, I was going to put a comment on here soon saying that you needed to show me how that cute belly was lookin'! haha ;) Anyways, those are very sweet pictures of Tristian down there too!!!