Friday, April 20, 2007

YAY for Ultrasound Pictures!!

Hi everyone, we got some really cute pictures of our little baby, altho unfortunately we didn't get to see any 3D ones (they are getting the new machines next month!! oh well).. we are doing good at 19 weeks.. baby is about 10 oz and measures exactly for the dates that I have.. which is due Sept 13. It was so amazing to see the little one, I could see the arms and hands waving around!! so with no further ado, here are the pics

The cutes little feet you ever did see :)

I know it's a little harder to tell on the smaller pictures, but baby is facing down (face down/stomach down) Use the spine as a reference.

You can see the hands and fingers (bones), maybe this one will be a piano player too :)

This is a neat picture of baby's face, looking directly at it..

Well I hope you enjoy the pictures.. and if you want to find out the sex of the baby, read the next post.. if you do not want to find out, don't read the next post!!

PS. and for Andrea's sake I am glad my In-Laws have high speed now.. I think you would have gone baserk other wise :) hahaha


Andrea said...

Ohhh...I was SO excited when I looked on your blog EARLY this morning and saw the new posts!! haha...and it's a girl (well, most likely a girl!!)...I am SOOOO excited for you!!!! :) And those ultrasound pics are SO cute...I love ultrasounds, it's so amazing to see your little baby moving around inside you and just to see that little life in there!!! :) Ohh...I'm so excited! haha. :) (I can't help it...Jonathan thinks I get excited to easily sometimes, but I don't think so. haha :) )

april said...

Hey Ellen, I am definately experiencing baby envy. Congratulations, you are so blessed! (Don't know if you even remember me, since we only met about once at NBI a couple of years ago, but "hello" anyways, I have been tuning into your blogs and enjoying the journey of your life.)

Susanna said...

Finally a girl!! There are too many boys being born aroung here, we need some more pink stuff!

Ellen said...

Susanna, you said it... finally a girl :) It's so hard not to rush out and buy tonz of cute little girl things :) but I have been doing pretty good at the self control thing :) and Andrea, it's best to be so excited, haha otherwise things wouldn't be fun!! I was so excited for kevin's cousin that just had a little girl.. it's just such a wonderful time!!