Friday, April 20, 2007


****Do NOT Read the Following Post Unless You Want to Know the Sex of My Baby!!!****
I Warned You!!!
So I will update all of you curious people out there :) I was really excited to find out the sex, even tho I was not sure at first, now I am really anticipating the birth of my little one.. and first of all, yes I know that it is not 100% that they are right, I realize that.. and am willing to take that chance. Plus the Tech said it was a little hard to tell for sure since the baby is only 19 weeks and the genitals are still developing.. but she got a few good looks(and showed us too), and she says that I can go ahead and buy pink stuff :) we are having a girl!! I am obviously very excited about that, I think it is a good balance and I was hoping we would be so lucky :) I will post more info next so that those that don't want to find out with the rest of you can still be updated on my pregnancy.

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