Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Stacey tagged me while I was gone (I spent Easter with my family), so here goes with some really tough questions!!

1. How do you acheive balance in your life?
Balance, what is balance?!?! I would not really consider my life overall that balanced, but I try to create some balance within each day. With my situation (my hubby working the oilfield) it is near impossible to make long term plans and I have to be able to adjust to changes in schedule from day to day hour to hour! Back to the question, I take control of the things I have control of (like eating 3 meals a day) and deal with the uncontrollable things as they come :) and try not to worry about the rest.. does that answer the question? I'm not sure
2. What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life?
One of the biggest challenges is the unknown! The unknown is such a big thing in my life and I have really had to learn how to not have to plan things, and if I do plan things I have to be prepared just in case things don't work out. I have also been struggling in keeping up on my spiritual life - it's so easy for me to put other things or people (my son) first before God or my time with Him.
3. What are your priorities?
What are my priorities or what should my priorities be?? Honestly my first priority is taking care of my son (I know, it really should be spending time on my relationship with God and all the other things would probably work more smoothly) and spending time with my husband working on our relationship/marriage when we have the opportunity.
4. Have your prorities changed over time, and why?
ABSOLUTELY! Well obviously without a husband and child, they wouldn't be a priority! When I was single I found it easier to work on myself and my spiritual life but with taking care of others I don't make the time to work on myself. I'm so busy taking care of physical needs that I tend to neglect the spiritual needs of myself.. which is not a good thing, because I want to be that role model for my kids but if I don't spend the time with God how can I do that? oh so much to work on I know!
5. What advice can you share to help all of us balance our lives?
Not that I model this, but really spending time with God is probably the biggest thing that will affect the balance in our lives - once we put God first the rest will fall into place, not saying that life won't be hard, cuz it always is, but we will realize where our strength comes from and who to depend on!

So who do I tag?? hmm.. I tag Susanna and Amy..


Stacey said...

Sounds like we have a few of the same struggles. Nothing like a nice game of 'tag' to get our dirt out there!

Pablo said...

Hey there Ellen! I was just brezzing (however you spell that) around here and noticed your post. I found it encouraging as I've been finding that desire for the Lord seemingly lacking even by many of my old (Christian)friends. Hey we all struggle... at times more then others. Keep pushing on connecting to the Lord not just because you think you should but because you long to do so!

Pablo said...

Hey Ellen... was encouraged by your post... I've been feeling like that desire for God has been so lacking in even old friends of mine... We all struggle, sometimes more then others. Keep longing and pushing for that true connection with the Lord. He's the only firm foundation plus He makes pretty awesome company!