Monday, November 09, 2009

Wonders in the Waiting Room!

This morning I had a Dr. appointment (due to complications that have arised from my miscarriage, not serious, but just something needing to be addressed) and after a short wait, we were informed that our Dr. was at the hospital dealing with an emergency and we could wait it out or make another appointment. We all decided to wait it out. I started talking to a woman that looked VERY pregnant - and was 4 days overdue! (as I discovered) Before you know it there were 4 of us, having never met before, chatting about all things children/babies. It was so refreshing to talk with these strangers and we could all encourage and empathize with each other. Such a base human experience of the goodness of 4 worlds colliding :) What stories of challenge, turmoil and yet sucess and strength! One woman had just lost her 4.5 month baby boy due to SIDS just 7 months ago!! She had also gone through 4-5 miscarriages in between her 3 live births. They adopted a little girl and talked about their open adoption with the girls birth mom. It was such an encouragement to me to see her love for her kids despite all the painful circumstances in her life. There was another lady who had had an abruption (internal bleeding) at 32 weeks, basically the baby was already dead but by the time she was at the hospital, the Dr's were fighting for her life! She is glad to be alive, and now has a 2.5yr old boy! I had to try my best to fight off tears, such sad stories, but at the same time what wonderful perspectives these women had in light of their grief and sadness that they had been through and continue to struggle with. I was reminded once again of fragility of life, and of giving life! These women were such an encouragement to me in the hour we all talked as we waited for the Dr. To think, if I hadn't started conversation with one woman, I may have missed this opportunity! Have you talked to a 'stranger' lately?

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