Thursday, November 05, 2009


Have you ever seen PMK? Have your kids? PMK - Popular Mechanics for Kids :) Recently on a trip to the library, I found a kids dvd about space rockets, submarines, monster trucks and boats. My son LOVES this DVD and could watch it ALL DAY LONG (on repeat!). The best thing, I love it too, for him!! It is totally up his alley. TJ is very mechanically minded and likes to know how things work, he will destroy things (in my opinion) just to find out how something works (so really it's not destruction, it's a means to an end). Even though some of these concepts are probably geared more towards 6-8 yr olds, TJ just soaks it all in! There are fun cartoons explaining the ins and outs of a working motor, they do silly experiments and get to go into a lot of places we will probably never see!
It's great to see how a new world has openned up for him with these great education videos :) As the website recommends, "Encourage your child's inquisitive mind today."

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