Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I'm pretty sure that we have now had THE flu virus in our home. My son ran a fever from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday, at one time spiking to 39.5C, so I am thankful that the fever is now gone! Even though the nasty cough he got is still sticking around. My daughter was about a day behind him with symptoms and her fever was never quite as high and she still has a slight fever but by tomorrow I think it should be gone. What a helpless feeling; to be a mom while your child is sick is not fun. All I could do is make sure they were comfortable and keep the Tylenol going to lower their fevers! Another thing to watch for is dehydration, my daughter had what I thought was teething diarrhea, but I think now it was actually an early sign of sickness (since she already has all her molars for now) and I kept giving her pedialite and "liquid" foods (like soups, fruit, etc). I think we are on the healing end of things, except for the lump in my throat :) In a way I'm glad that we've been through this as we will now have immunity to this flu, no more worry or bathing in sanitizer :) I opted not to vaccinate because I really didn't like how the government pushed through the approval for the vaccine just because of the flu threat. That's the short version, and my personal opinion. Either way, I'm especially glad that the kids got sick now and not at Christmas time!! Here's to hoping for a healthy Christmas!!
**I did consult with Healthlink nurses at the peak of TJ's fever just for confirmation of how high is too high and when to bring a child to ER. A temperature of 41C that is measured twice (with an hour in between) warrents a trip to the ER (this is while a child is on Tylenol and the temp does not go down) and a temp of 39.5C for 3 days also warrents a trip to the Dr.

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