Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loving Monday Mornings!!

I LOVE my Monday mornings! Really, I do! Does that make me weird? Maybe, but I'm fine with that because for me there's something great about Monday! Here is how the blocks fall for me. Tuesdays are usually my errand days; the week is young, so I usually try to book my appointments on these days. Wednesdays TJ has pre-school in the morning so we're up early and out the door. I drop him off and promptly go to my churches ladies bible study - K gets to play with her friends and I get great fellowship time with mine! We are usually done in perfect time for me to pick up my boy at the end of his day. Thursdays and Fridays I like to leave for fun things (like play dates) or any errands not completed earlier in the week or relaxing mornings, because it is almost the weekend. Saturdays - definitely a relax morning, but of course house-cleaning is calling for sure by Saturday! Sunday is my day off (well as much of a day off that mothers get, lol), but Monday morning..

Monday morning is just something else.

Monday morning my alarm sounds early (well not too early, just 8am, which is early enough for a gal like me) and I know I have to be up and start my day because otherwise we'll be late for TJ's pre-school (nothing like having a motivator, lol). To start a fresh week, a fresh day, with a clean slate just feels good - right. Every gets up, fed, dressed, and ready for the day. After TJ gets dropped off I have two hours, two hours that I like to designate to cleaning up from the weekend (is it only me that has a hurricane house by Monday morning after only one day of not cleaning???). Mind you, I typically also get to have 'coffee' and snack time with my beautiful girls (one of the benefits they don't tell you about nursing is that you HAVE to have a break every 3 hrs or so, I think God's so smart, knowing that us mom's need to sit down for a break every few hours, lol. please no comments on the nursing comment, this post is not intending to be the grounds of the ever popular nursing vs bottle debate - I agree with both) Anyway, back to Monday morning, I find that getting up in good time, getting ready for my day (including eating breakfast), having some dedicated time to cleaning up, this gets me a great start to my week!

Do you love your Monday mornings too? What does the beginning of your week look like?
Something to make you smile on Monday morning :)
**disclaimer: not all my Monday mornings go as planned, (isn't that just life!) but this is how I aim to start my week :)


Andrea said...

I am SO with you on this one! :) I love monday mornings too...a new week...a new start. AND it's Jonathan's day off! haha. :) Oh, and I also agree about the whole nursing thing being nice for the fact that you HAVE to SIT DOWN and take a break! :) Otherwise I'd probably go and go and go...but it's really nice to have a reason that I absolutely must sit down for and take a break. ;)

Goofball said...

you are excited about dedicated time for cleaning? oh wow, you are totally cut out of different wood than me. How can anybody ever enjoy cleaning?

no, i'm usually grumpy and tired after sleeping on the the weekend and watching brilliant tv shows until too late on sunday evening, Monday mornings are simply painful

Ellen said...

lol Goofball, it's not that I'm excited about cleaning time, but I excited about the results :) I do NOT enjoy the cleaning, and have a hard time motivating myself to do it, but once it's done I am SO much happier. It really helps me start the week off on a good note!