Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 28/29

If you've checked my ticker you know that I am now 28 weeks (well, tomorrow), although I consider myself 29 weeks. Reason being: my official ultrasound showed baby to be a week further along than my dates, knowing what I know about conception the official ultrasound lines up better than the traditional method of calculating one's due date, also my Dr.'s ultrasound measurements are also leaning towards this fact as well. Reason why I am keeping the original due date in mind: both of my kids were overdue and I had to be induced, so I don't want to keep my hopes up that this one will be early :) I can't find my camera so I will have to update with a picture later.

How far along: 28/29 weeks (29 by my calculations)

Total weight gain/loss: I don't have a scale at home, but I'm sure it's about 20lbs by now

Maternity clothes: Mostly, although I just bought some amazing regular capri yoga pants at Costco that I love!

Sleep: sleeping really good, and even getting in a few naps a week

Movement: baby is moving a lot (which is reasuring!), the movements have become more pronounced, it's obvious that elbows, knees and feet are bumping around in there :)

Gender: if you check out my sidebar you will notice I have a poll for your guesses at what the baby's gender is - I am surprised that every thinks girl, although maybe it's because I am kind of thinking it's a girl (although not completely sure, some days I think boy). If you haven't voted yet, do :)

What I miss: being able to shave properly, lol

What I'm looking forward to: my next appointment (in 2 weeks)

Milestones: after my next appointment I see my Dr. every two weeks!!! also I have already done the dreaded gestational diabetes test (drinking that yucky orange 'pop') guess I'll find out soon if I have to go in for the 2hr hospital test or if I tested negative

A friend of mine forwarded this link to me. My other pregnancies I didn't really have many issues like this, but this time I am a lot bigger a lot sooner. So I won't be surprised to get interesting comments this time around. Check out the link :)


Kalle said...

I remember what a pain it was not being able to shave properly last summer and painting my toenails. I could still do it at 39 weeks but getting down to paint my toes was not fun. Joys of pregnancy!@ :)

Carrie said...

Yay! He/She'll be here before you know it! I'm guessing girl, but maybe that's just because I was SURE I was going to have a girl, and was totally shocked when the ultrasound tech told us it was a boy. Regardless - all I hope is that you have a happy, healthy baby. Love ya!

Susanna said...

So glad to hear that the baby is moving around a lot for you! That is so reassuring, and it sounds like things are going well and your dr is taking all precautions and taking very good care of you and that little baby!

Goofball said...

how exciting

Ellen said...

thanks everyone! Kalle, the one thing thats nicer about being big and pregnant in the winter is that you don't have to worry so much about the shaving :) Carrie, the time is going by so fast - only 2.5 months left!! Thanks Susanna, it is definately reassuring to feel all the elbows, knees and feet!