Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's in a name?

There are several friends and friends of friends that have been having new babies and I'm always curious to hear what names they have picked for their children. There are common names, long names, short names, hard to spell/pronounce names. I always find it interesting how a persons name can influence how you see them. When you first meet someone who has a the same name of that girl in elementary school that always used to make you cry, the first thing to pop in your head is probably a negative thought or feeling (even if it is only for half a second). If you meet someone with the same name of your best friend, you are more likely to have a positive first impression. It just seems to work that way - it's the same way with smells or sounds that are associated with memories, positive or negative.
I have an uncommon name. Although it has been made famous by a certain Ellen. When I was working in the service industry I would get wisecracks from guys on occasion, 'No, just because my name is Ellen does not mean I am gay!'. Seriously! The other day when I was calling the toll free health line in our area, when the lady took my name she gave me quite the compliment - she exclaimed how my name was so refreshing and she really liked it :) I have only 'met' a handful of people with my name. I say 'met' because I have only actually met one of them in real life, and it was brief. It was my friend Emily's sister Ellen. My insurance agent's name is Ellen, although I have never met her in person, just talked on the phone. A blogging friend Allie has a friend Ellen; I stop by her blog on occasion. I just found another Ellen through blogging, and this Ellen has one more thing in common - she is an Ellen B. too :) That's it - those are all the Ellen's I know! No, I am not an Ellen stalker, but it does make me curious about the other few people who also share my name :) So here's a shout-out to my fellow Ellen's :)
**Ellen means light**


Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen

Nice to meet you. I always find it a little confusing when I see your comments on Allie's blog as if I doubt whether I have written that or not. Hehe.

I'm glad to hear that you sometimes visit my blog. I've visited yours as well.
Since I do blog using a nickname without referrals to my e-mail address or something, I would like to ask you to remove the link between my name referral & my blog. (Hence why I don't post this comment using my blogger ID). Please don't take this wrong, I've asked other bloggers not to refer to me with my real name on websites that don't have access control or privacy settings before as well.

I'm surprised that you know so few Ellen's. In my generation here there's so many. I've almost always been in school classes or camps with other Ellens. Sometimes up to 3 in one class! And I know another Ellen who shares my full name & age. So if you feel lonely, you can always move ;)

Many greetings from an other Ellen

ellen b. said...

Hello the other Ellen B!
Nice to meet you. I didn't come across another Ellen in my life until high school. Since college I've met a few more Ellen's but not many for sure! It used to really bug me because people always wanted to call me Helen...

Ellen said...

To an other Ellen: Not a problem - I took out the link, I totally get it. Wow, I'm surprised you know so many other Ellen's and even one with the same full name and age! That's pretty incredible - maybe we should consider moving, lol :)

Ellen B. - I totally know what you mean, on the phone or even when telling people your name, it seems they think it's Helen. I have two Aunt Helen's in my family and at family gatherings it can get confusing for me :) I look forward to stopping by your blog more often, since I just discovered it today (through Mennonite girls can cook)