Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time to Tell :)

So after my Wordless Wednesday I suppose I need to explain. I have been debating about when and how to announce this news. This week I was to be due with my third pregnancy, but as most of you know, that didn't work out. So I figured what better way to celebrate than announce my fourth pregnancy. I am almost 10 weeks (on Saturday), so I realize that I'm not quite out of the 'danger zone' yet, but at 8.5 weeks my Dr. had an ultrasound done and there is a tiny wee baby, head, body, arms, hands, legs, feet and a strong heartbeat! That is definately re-assuring, but I'm still not without worry. I have really been trying to leave my worries in God's hands - there really is nothing else I can do and worrying doesn't help! I don't think I have really let myself be REALLY excited yet, I think that will come after my 12 week appointment and ultrasound.

This has seemed like a long road for me, although I know it really wasn't THAT long, but I definately have learned a lot. I have learned the loss of a child, I have learned the yearning for a child (as it took over 6 months for my body to heal and be able to conceive), I have learned to have patience while 'everyone else' got what I wanted, I learned that God's will and timing is perfect. The glory be to God for the miracle of life! I know that my loss and my waiting was not extreme (I have heard of many other women going through much worse), but I have experienced enough to have empathy and understanding for those travelling lonely roads and I already have had opportunity to share and be there for another going through similar difficult times.

So how am I feeling - rotten! haha, not complaining, that's just how I feel. This is the worst morning sickness I have felt from any of my pregnancies! It has been a struggle trying to keep my house in order, kids in order and everyone fed. I can usually make lunch, but by supper, I can't seem to cook - I can't stomach it. So between take out and frozen foods and the occasional homecooked meal, we have survived so far. I want to copy something that my friend Stacey did throughout her pregnancy - a way to chart how things are going.

How far along? 9 weeks and 5 days (technically - I'll explain later)

Total weight gain? 4lbs - I'm a little discouraged (normally I don't really gain until later on) but I realize that with feeling so sick, I've had to do what I've had to do to 'survive'

Maternity clothes? yes, the under the belly mat jeans, my regular jeans still fit, but as they were tight they were making my nausea worse - anything for comfort and feeling better

Sleep? sleeping way too much! Need to have a nap every afternoon!

Movement? not yet, but I'm looking forward to it as it's one of my favorite parts!

Gender? unknown and will remain that way for the next 30 or so weeks :)

What I miss? being able to eat like normal, having the energy to do regular tasks

What I'm looking forward to? feeling baby move :) and not feeling so cranky

Milestones? 8.5 week ultrasound and looking forward to the 2nd trimester

*I please ask that any of you that I also have on Facebook, not make mention of my pregnancy on Facebook at this time.


Stacey said...

I'm so excited for you! I know that feeling of being cautious and trying not to get too excited. Hang in there! The pregnancy will fly by all too fast.

Ellen said...

Thanks Stacey! I know I'm not alone in that :) I just wish the yuckies would fly by fast.. the rest of it I don't mind at all!

Kalle said...

Congratulations Ellen! Such wonderful news. I hope you start to feel better but I am totally jealous that you get to nap every afternoon. ;)

Ellen said...

Kalle, even though I get a nap most every afternoon - I pay for it, my son TJ doesn't nap now and so he usually either watches a movie or plays with the Wii while I lie on the couch - more often than not he does find something that he knows he's supposed to leave alone (nothing dangerous, stuff like snacks he's not supposed to have right then). I find that I totally can't function somedays if I don't nap.