Friday, August 07, 2009

So Much to Do, So little time...

Do you ever feel like that? it happens to me every summer! It happens otherwise too, but I'm thinking particularly of summer stuff.. It's already August!!! Where did the summer go??? Anyway enough about me lamenting time past - time to share all those fun and exciting summertime fun things :) So we went on a long road trip with my parents, the kids loved it!! We did too, but our aim was for a family reunion and then a long trip back. It worked out really great, I was travelling with the kids (my husband had to work) for an hour and met up with my parents and we travelled together from there (in two vehicles though). I really enjoy driving by myself - it's my thinking time, things that I've put aside to think about another day well I pull those out and mull over them. It's funny how I find such a freedom in driving, like it's just me and the road. Anyway my son got to ride with Grandma and Grandpa for quite a bit of the time and I heard there was some silly stuff going on in that car! :)
Gma: Look there are some horses.
TJ: No they're cows!
Gma: They go neigh.
TJ: They go moo.
Such a silly boy :) He had so much fun being silly with Grandma! We had a good time at the reunion, saw family that I hadn't seen in MANY years (some I hadn't seen since I was a little girl). My kids did pretty good, we didn't even use the 'back-up' new toys. The ride back was just as fun and uneventful except for the fact that I got to visit Ikea :) That was a treat!!

This weekend my challenging/fun task is - camping, in a tent - just me and my kids.. although I will have family camping too, but it should be fun, my kids first tenting experience :) I'm looking forward to it! I figure we might as well try to get as much in while we can!

In other news, just a curious shout out to all you bloggers, anyone know of a good blog to visit that deals with post-partum depression? It's not for myself - but for someone I know that I think is dealing with it but has not been diagnosed.

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Allie said...

It certainly sounds like a busy summer so far!! I love reunions - wish that my family had them more often!

Camping will be fun, although you likely won't get much sleep. :) My daughter drove me nuts as she treated the whole experience as a big slumber party so she partied all night long in her pj's, checking out every square inch of our tent. I think it was about 2 in the morning that I was wishing that I could teleport my husband to the tent and I in turn could teleport out. :)

Have fun with it!!

As for a website, I don't know of anything but I have a very good friend who is a private home nurse that deals with issues at such so I will ask her if she knows of anything. Have taken a look at any chat groups in I know for me, it was a great source of information and led me to not only other women in my situation but to other websites and support groups when I was dealing with pregnancy loss and high risk pregnancies.