Saturday, February 02, 2008

Potty training and sharing a room..

So about three weeks have past since I started potty training TJ.. and things have been going pretty good so far. Before K was born I started potty training and within a few days he learned how to use his muscles and then due to circumstances I stopped. So when I started again he already know how to pee on the potty, it was just a matter of me remembering to take him and him learning to tell me that he needs to go. Anyone with any suggestions as to how to teach a two yr old to tell me that he has to go?? I am absolutely open to ideas :) Another topic that I have been frustrated with is, anyone have any idea how to keep a 2 yr old out of his sister's crib??? TJ has this 'obsession' with climbing into K's crib in the evening, thankfully before I put her in there (he hasn't tried that, yet). They share a room, which is really nice most of the time, like I hear them 'talking' to each other in the evening before they've fallen asleep (it's really cute). I tried getting some new pics up, but my camera batteries are dead again, after I charge them I will try to post newer pictures :)


Andrea said...

Hey! good suggestions for you - but I"ll probably be needing the same advice as you in a few months! :) I do have a question though - you said that your kids share a room. We are going to have to do that with Tate and the new baby too...have they shared a room right from the start? Does it work out okay at night - like does K ever wake up and then wake up TJ or anything like that? Just wondering. :) Thanks!

Three P's in a Pod said...

Hi there Ms. Ellen....

YOU ARE MY WINNER!! Congratulations!

So, if you will get me your address lickety split, I will get this mailed off to you and you should be able to have it even before Valentines!!

My email is 3girlzmama at suddenlink dot net. :) Have a great day!!

Allie said...

Erm ... the best advice that I was ever given was from my dayhome mom that used to take care of my son. She told me at first to put him on the potty a couple times a day just so he could get used to the idea. After that, I would have to watch for "the signs".

I will admit that I found that next to impossible when caring for my baby too. Just when I was about to give up (yep - after only 2 weeks of trying, real effort hey) my son got it.

Oh - my son is still fascinated with the crib and has on many of an occasion had a nap with her in it. I find it rather endearing and luckily haven't had too many issues with it.