Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yes I'm still here...

Things have finally slowed down a little. For that I am glad because it means I can spend a little more time with my own kids and also get a few projects done around the house! Baby is coming soon, so I will take advantage of the time I have :)

I am a frequent reader of To Love, Honor and Vacuum and this month has been dedicated to simplifying our lives. I am hoping to participate in Sheila's challenges as much as I can before the baby comes (and even after on occasion if I can) I really need this as I struggle a lot with motivation to keep things organized, because I feel that it all has to be perfect. (and it's SO far from there!!!) Perfection is not the key, it's keeping things simple and not feeling overwelmed by the whole picture (which is what I do and then nothing gets done)! I like how Sheila put things, 1. Define your calling 2. Organize yourself 3. Pare down. How simple it seems when you put things like that :) So today I want to do the first challenge of decluttering a small area.. I need to take before and after pics.. so beware of the next posts :)

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