Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When Grandma Comes Over..

.. and it snows outside in May - we have to do other things besides playing outside. We were blessed to have my Mother come over for a few days last week! The kids LOVED having Grandma at their disposal and it was a great treat for me to have my Mom around (and she of course helped a TON with getting my house back in some order since I have to be careful how much I do). I got some great pictures of special memories :)

Cutting my garden fresh rhubarb for some crisp

Tasting some of that delicous rhubarb (I have to laugh every time I see this picture! The thing is she kept on wanting to eat more)

Grandpa on the phone, wishing he could be there with us especially for some fresh strawberry rhubarb crisp!Helping mom mix the topping for the crisp
My two silly monkeys :)

Yes, he LOVES making coffee (me and my husband don't drink it) so it's a treat to make some for company :)
LOTS of cuddles for Grandma and bedtime stories :)


Carrie said...

Your kids sure are growing up fast. They are so cute, Ellen! I bet you loved having your mom Mom was just here for a week, and I sure miss her!

Ellen said...

Yes they sure are!! Don't blink, you'll miss it!! It was a great treat having my mom here - you will find (especially as the kids get a little older) that it makes it even more special, because it's not just about you anymore, it's about your kids. If yours are anything like my kids, they ADORE Grandma!! Sure makes you wish that your parents lived closer!

Goofball said...

really cute pictures, they made me smile