Sunday, May 23, 2010

Complicated **updated with results - pregnancy details**

Isn't it interesting how things all seem to happen at once? Like instead of one bad or good thing happening, several good or bad things happen at once. For our family, health - the one thing we seem to take for granted seems to be that thing. Not necessarily good or bad in such simple terms - but more complicated. For example, my husband's diagnoses with a lifetime blood disorder, and now things seem to be getting complicated with my pregnancy. I don't know a lot of details right now, it's mostly speculation and educated guessing. My Dr. moved up my 20week ultrasound from the 31st of May to Tuesday (like in two days). He mentioned that he is suspect that I may have a low lying placenta. Now since my Dr. isn't a ultrasound technician, he wants an 'experts' opinion. From the information that he has mentioned, and the research I have done there are two things that I am thinking they will be looking at, if I have a low lying placenta and if I have placental abruption. Low lying placenta can be really common in earlier pregnancy and can 'fix itself' by 30-some weeks (the uterus grows upwards and can 'pull' the placenta upward). The complication with low lying placenta is that if it doesn't change by itself, cesarean is more than likely (depending how far the placenta is covering the cervix) because of the complications, including hemorrhaging.

With placental abruption the placenta starts pulling away from the uterus and can cause bleeding/spotting and later on in pregnancy there is a definite concern for sudden hemorrhaging which can be life threatening to baby and mother if not caught/treated in time. Very often, depending on the severity of the abruption, baby is taken early to lessen the chance of hemorrhaging. If this is the diagnoses, there is also concern for baby's health - baby can sustain defects if blood flow from the placenta is not what it needs to be and baby is deprived of the oxygen it needs.

It all sounds a little scary. At the same time I am trying to educate myself as much as possible (I always have felt that education is power) so that I try to make the best choices possible for me and my baby. From what I have researched, I feel that it is highly possible that I have a bit of both problems. My Dr. has seen what he thinks is bleeding by or sort of behind the placenta and I believe that is the biggest reason for the sooner ultrasound. I am so glad to have a Dr. that: 1. has an ultrasound machine (because without it, I probably would have gone undiagnosed because I don't exhibit the symptoms that are typical - bleeding) 2. that he is cautious and I know he won't jeopardize either me or my child.

So how are we dealing with this? Not too bad, initially it was pretty emotional (I was unprepared for complications - we've never had to deal with a complicated pregnancy before) but like I mentioned, it helped to do some research - get educated about possibilities instead of letting my mind run wild! Also it really helps to know that in everything, God is in control! Through the good and the bad He cares and knows all things - many prayers are being sent up! (I will try to update this post with a picture and I will update information later this week after my appointments)

Good news!! God is good!! The ultrasound was good, no bleeding found. Technically, no low lying placenta (the Dr. explained how black and white it is diagnosed, if the placenta is 1.9cm from the cervix it is low lying, if it's 2.0cm from the cervix it is NOT considered low lying). Triple screen - no results yet (after a week) so Dr. figures it is fine because they usually fax results immediately if they find something, otherwise they mail it (which takes time!). So we are going from all sorts of possible complications to relatively 'normal' pregnancy (unless something happens otherwise). Some may say, look at all your worrying for nothing - I rather choose to look at this as a lot of lessons learned about trusting God, prayer is powerful, and really God is in control (I mean when there are things that you can't control, it's better to trust Someone that really is!) Thank-you to all who prayed for us!!


Goofball said...

oh gosh, that does sound scary. Let's really pray that it is only a low lying placenta.

Take care! I hope you don't get to stressed about the questions that have risen

Ellen said...

Thank you for your prayers!! I have really been trying to trust that God will take care of things, because I know that 1. I can't do anything anyway, 2. stress does help my body/baby any!!

Susanna said...

Such good news, Ellen! Thanks for adding that to the end of your post - how encouraging to see God at work in your life and to see how He IS taking care of you and your baby!