Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Off the Drugs.. :)

I don't remember if I mentioned this previously, but I was taking Diclectin (safe and Dr. prescribed) so that I could function better. I am very thankful for this drug I was able to do a lot more than without it, even though it did make me quite exhausted (yes more that normal!). Things have been going better overall for the past week and a half and so Monday night I decided to get off the drugs and see how things 'really were'. Now with that decision comes the realization that if I were still feeling really sick and I took another pill, it would take around 5 hrs to kick in, so I would have to tough it out until then. I am so happy I made the decision to stop!! I had such a great day yesterday! I got a lot of the house cleaned in the morning (although did have to take a break so I wouldn't over-exert myself). I had a short nap in the afternoon, but woke up feeling rested (not like the exhaustion that is a side affect of the Diclectin). I had no problems making supper and even got to go outside with the kids while supper was baking (it did get a little extra crispy though because we stayed outside a little too long, hahaha). I got to go and check out my garden and flower bed and see what was all growing :) It is so exciting to find a little soft green leaf, or see the pink of fresh growth!! Some of my plants that are already growing are: iris, bleeding hearts, columbine, rhubarb, tulips, crocuses, strawberry plants, ornimental plum, daisey, CHIVES (I could already use them!!), 'fake orchid' (I forget the real name of this plant), delphinium, seedum, and I think I may be missing a few :) So yesterday was a really good and exciting day for me! I'll leave you with a picture of my garden last year :)
I love summer.. *sigh*

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Goofball said...

that's great....must be a great feeling that you can do it without help as well

wow, it looks like such fabulous weather