Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Little Moments

As a mother there is always so much to do.. especially with a preschooler and a toddler! Most days are filled with the busy-ness of housework, laundry, making meals, refereeing, dressing and making sure kids eat and go to the potty, plus many other things that come along the way. It's easy to miss the small moments. Even when those small moments seem to present themselves, too often we are too busy, too impatient, too tired, too cranky, too much of anything to take those moments. Last night I had just crawled into bed, layed there for about 5 minutes until I heard someone's door creak open and saw a little shadow. It was my little K. So as I got up to usher her back to bed when she told me she wanted a snack. Now, all too often I would grab a few crackers and convince her to get back to bed so I could get back to bed, but tonight was different. I realized that she had only had a few bites of supper (due to being out and her being distracted) so I picked up my little girl, grabbed a fresh bun, and curled up with her on the couch with a blanket. I sat there, just enjoying my little pumpkin while she picked away at her snack. What precious moments they were. Looking at my daughter, knowing that only a short while ago she was always nestled against me for her suppers and snacks, and knowing that in a short while she will be beyond curling up (or wanting to) in my lap! So even if I was up until midnight because of my daughter, I am thankful for the stolen moments we shared! I realize I really need to keep my eyes open for the opportunity of these tiny moments and take them, no matter if they seem inconvenient!! I challenge you mothers (as well as myself) to watch for the little moments in your life, particularly this week!

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