Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti!

There are many bloggers that are doing what they do best, for the sake of helping Haiti! Here are just a few, and each of these blogs have about 20-60 links to other blogs that are also doing what they can to donate to Haiti's cause!

Many are donating through:
We have chosen to donate through MCC's Relief program
If money is tight and you feel like you can't do anything to help - check out the blogs I listed, and the blogs that they have listed, many are donating money per comment left on their blog - so even if you don't give the money yourself, by promoting the cause, you are helping with what you can!


Amy @ Finer Things said...

Thanks for jumping on board and writing this post. Together we can do amazing things!

Stacey said...

The hard part is not knowing if the money will ever make it where it is supposed to go. Haiti is so incredibly corrupt, most donations never get to their destination. It's so so sad!

We were talking about it in church a lot yesterday, because this morning our pastor and 8 other people from our church are on their way to Haiti. Our pastor has been traveling there a few times a year for the past 3 or 4 years, and he tells us these stories of what it is actually like there. He said people wonder why there is such a difference between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, since they share an Island, and he said that it's because Haiti has been dedicated to Satan. They have allowed fear to rule their lives. SO SAD! Keep praying :)

Ellen said...

I know what you mean Stacey, that's why we are donating through MCC. I believe that as a reputable Christian organization that they will and do use their money wisely. Not that I know the situation in Haiti, but if it is true that it has been dedicated to Satan, all the more reason to give to God's work! I saw a little clip of some kind of evangelist that has people outraged because he believes God is punishing them and they deserve it (not exact words, but it's the idea that came across). I would rather think that this event can and needs to be used for God's glory. We need to send God's people to show His love for the broken and hurting (physical and spiritual)- I can't go, so I am participating in prayers and donations.