Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm Back...

So I'm back.. I just spent a wonderful week out in Saskatchewan! I got to visit with my brothers and SIL and some old friends and got to see the parents and brother in law... and we made it back safe and sound.. just me and the two kids! I had a good time, and Valean you need to email those pics to me!! my son got a haircut.. or more like a buzz cut :) he needed it really bad.. and it's hilarious, he rubs his head and says 'daddy' because his dad has the same haircut as him :) it is snowing like crazy out here and I just got inside from shovelling our driveway.. who needs a workout, just shovel snow!! my daughter just had her two month shots and is doing pretty good already, she was a little cranky for a day or two but nothing difficult.. and my son is currently cutting 3 - 2yr molar teeth.. ugh!! i'm hoping that's why he's been REALLY cranky and REALLY whiney (because it's getting to me already!) well I gotta run, the boys up from his nap.. maybe tomorrow i'll have time to download pics from my camera. TTFN

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