Saturday, February 03, 2007


Well, I'm not sure what to say.. it's february, which i'm glad for.. but i am so going through cabin fever, winter blues.. whatever you want to call it! I guess partly because I know that my hubby has gone to work for the next three weeks and I will not get to visit him like I usually do because they are in a camp.. sigh.. so I am here at home with my wonderful little boy, that has so much energy since he's been walking for 3 weeks or so.. there is so much that needs to be done in our new house - but I have absolutely no motivation!!! AAHHH! I think I need new batteries, cuz mine have run out.. any ideas?


Stacey said...

Hi Ellen! Well, I was feeling pretty lousy too, and I decided to try a little exercise to perk me up. So far so good! I'm sure my tiredness also has a lot to do with being prego, but I do feel better when I do a little extra exercise.

Ellen said...

i will have to give it a shot i guess.. i'll maybe have to find something a little extra fun to keep me going.. i usually do good for the first week or two and then i end up 'missing' or 'forgetting' and the whole thing goes out the window.. but i guess now is as good time as any to start again :) thanks :)

Drea said...

Hey Ellen,
I thought Id answer your question here so you'd be sure to get my answer :-)

I love the moby wrap. I really do.
I always make excuses to wear it while in public because I just love having it on :-) seriously haha. Like today I was shopping.. we had our double stroller... but I decided to wear him instead haha. Its that nice.

It takes time getting use to... but after a few tries you get the hang of it pretty quickly. I found online videos that teach how to wrap different ways and that has helped me learn the technique more. It isnt hard though.

Today at the mall I put it on in the play area in less than a minute or two. Was very easy... and thats without a mirror.

I'll be posting pics on my blog from today showing it.

Are you expecting another baby? I noticed your lil guy is already atleast a year old. I dont know if Id purchase a moby for a toddler. It be best to get use to it 1st with a tiny baby.

Let me know if you buy one :-)

If your in Canada you may be interested in a Cuddlywrap instead. The shipping for those to Canada is cheaper than the Moby from what people have told me. They are basically the same. The cuddly is about 10 dollars more than the moby.

Stacey said...

Ellen, if you are looking at getting a wrap, like Drea said, the cuddlywrap is a Canadian invention, so it will be cheaper here, and you can probably find it in a store to avoid the shipping costs. I think you can find them for $40-$50.

Also, the cuddlywrap is made of a much lighter, cooler fabric than the moby, so it will be much better for summer weather.

As you can see, I've been doing my research! I spent a few hours the other day checking out different wraps and stuff, and the cuddly is definately the best option for me. Hope you enjoy planning for this next little one!