Monday, April 04, 2011

Looking Ahead

I've been busy being a mom I guess :) I looked back and realized that my last post was in March.. it is now April folks!! Plus, my second last post, my daughter was 4 months.. she is now over 5 months. The last part of the winter is always difficult - we all get tired of being stuck inside and it creates cranky attitudes fast. In our neck of the woods we have now encountered a new season, one of hope and new beginnings - spring. Although we still have about 3 feet of snow - that's only half of what we had. The kids are loving fresh air and so am I. We have been rejuvenated! Not only that, but we have had sunshine everyday this last week - what a blessing!! It's funny to think how the weather can affect our daily life so much. So what's been up lately? R - has been starting to teeth, just got her 4month vaccinations, is really starting to reach out and grab things (daddy taught her to 'beep' his nose), always watching her brother and sister, is starting to have 2 bottles a day (I think she's going through another growing stage and is always hungry and hungry NOW), she keeps fighting naps - until she gets super cranky and I end up having to rock her to sleep (it's only happened a few times, but I really don't want it to be a habit), wakes up happy every time! love, love LOVE the sweet smiles!! K - my independent 3yr old!! I indulge her at times.. if she's supposed to apologize or do something she doesn't really want to do, she doesn't want me watching her, so I have to back off or turn around or close my eyes.. but hey she then listens :) She is loving books and I love watching her 'read', she is my little snacker and will sneak food if you leave it laying around - if she could, she would snack all day long so I try to keep lots of fresh fruit and healthy snacks so it's not just sugar and junk. TJ - my big boy just got his kindergarten vaccinations so he is now ready for school!! (never mind that I'm going to register him this week!) It is so hard to believe!! I am so excited for him, he is going to LOVE going to school!! Just to put it out there - anyone have any comments or advice about Montessori? That's what I'm leaning towards.. but the final decision has yet to be made. TJ is loves to help his daddy downstairs, finishing our basement :) He can't wait to get his bike out and when the trails are dry we will be out there!! I think this is the year that he will learn to ride without training wheels :) Me - I have really been trying to work on keeping my house clean/organized to a certain level, I would also like to really get back to doing some de-cluttering projects. I sewed a cute rag quilt last week - it was a special gift for a special niece. I have really been working on doing the little things and keeping a positive, thankful attitude and trying to model good behaviour to my children. There are a few things I've been convicted about in our family life that need to change and I am working through them, and would like to change things for the better. I want to keep talking with my kids; some days I wish they would zip-it but I have realized that soon enough they will not want to talk to me, so I need to take advantage now and build that relationship :) All in all, I am hoping that there will be some positive growth going on here among all the changes.. we are definitely looking forward to a wonderful summer!


ModernMom said...

I can't believe you still have so much snow!! UG. I'm in Ontario and even though it did snow this week it is melting just as fast as it comes down and we are above 0. Yeah for the sun!!
Glad you are enjoying looking ahead. So much to look forward too:)

Goofball said...

3 feet of snow? gosh I pity you. We have great spring with temps > 20c and blossoming trees.