Monday, December 06, 2010

Loving the Holidays!

I love the Christmas season!! We have enjoyed so much of it already. The decorating, the baking, the shopping, the family time, the anticipation, the gifts (we had early Christmas with my parents since we are going to my in-laws for Christmas this year), learning the true meaning of Christmas (kids bring a whole new perspective on this one!), the excitement and wonderment that the kids exude has me re-living my childhood memories :) It is always special to have just experienced childbirth close to this time of year as well - thinking of Mary travelling on a donkey at nine months pregnant!?! How much you want to bet that she could relate to my feelings of soreness and swollen feet!! Imagining having to give birth in a barn?!? And yet as a mother totally relating to the feelings of wonder while looking at your newborn baby - how much more did she treasure these feelings, knowing that she had just given birth to the Savior or this world!! Being a mom, it has sure added another dimension of meaning to Christmas!!


Goofball said...

great! I love this time of the year very much as well. Will set-up our tree soon (that's usually not done before Dec 6 in Belgium)

kewkew said...

What a beautiful picture of your little ones.
Definitely understanding the mommy dimension.