Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!!

-35 C with windchill! We have had such a beautiful fall and very mild weather so far... until the past few days! This morning being the coldest!! So me and the kids are in our PJ's still this morning and I'm spoiling my kids by letting them watch movies. This week we've had some excitement at our house. Me and the kids set up the Christmas tree (just with the lights on, no decorations yet) and also put up the outdoor lights too. We got our first snowfall, that stayed!! So the kids spent a little time outside yesterday, even though it was really cold.

Rhys has been doing so good, she seems to be such a content baby. She has had some incredible nights, one night even sleeping an 8hr stretch!! (although it was 8pm to 4am so I didn't get the full 8, but I got a solid 6 at least!) She has had a couple 6hr stretches but mostly it's between 3-5hr stetches (which I think is still really good!!). A typical day for her usually starts around 9, she usually cluster feeds for a while and then has some awake time. Between 1-2pm she usually goes down for a good nap (usually 3hrs). She has some awake time after supper and is usually ready for bed around 9pm, although typically she wakes up one more time (between 10-11) for one more quick feeding and change and then she's down for the night! I am glad that she has been starting to develope somewhat of a schedule :) She loves laying on her back and kicking during her awake time! She is already a Daddy's girl as well, she seems to be responding already when her Dad gives her attention :)

So all in all, we are doing well and looking forward to the Christmas season!! Although if you think of me on Monday send up a quick prayer, it's offically my first day by myself with the kids. My husband has been off of work since R was born (not his choice, there was just no work until now) and is going away Sunday night. I have been 'practicing' though; I have done a lot of things with just me and 3 kids already. It's just when it becomes 'official' and I know I don't have any 'backup' it becomes the real thing! Sorry for no pictures, I'm on my husband's computer - so no pictures are loaded on here. Next time :)


Mrs. Stam said...

wow I wish I could have that much sleep, I think I would be happy with 2 hours strait to tell you the truth!!

2 little one teething at the same time over here ouch!!!

Goofball said...

good you are getting some sleep :)

Brrrrrr that is cold, Belgian public life would stop at such temps