Friday, July 24, 2009

Learning Fun!

We recently spent some time at my mom and dad's and we all had a blast - one of the very important or should I say fun things the kids got to do was help my mom make buns. Or at least it's one of the fun parts of making buns!! Punching the dough :) This is something my mom always got me and my siblings to do! So thanks Mom for spending the time and teaching my kids something new! It is really special for me to see my kids learning and experiencing things that I did as a child! I think it really helps to create a wonderful balance and array of experiences for the kids - never mind the special time with Grandma :)


Allie said...

I love family traditions too!

I just crack up at your son baking in his undies. It is just too priceless with those cute little undies!

Goofball said...

that looks like so much fun

Ellen said...

lol yeah I know Allie, my mom specifically wanted a profile picture to show the fact that he was in his undies :) she thought it was pretty funny too!