Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pics from the Party

As a request from Allie, here are some pictures from my husbands surprise party.. and the big number is the big 4-0 :) I don't have a lot of pictures but here are a few :)

It was a beautiful day out!! A little wind, but I couldn't have asked for better!!

Grandma giving K some dessert :)

Birthday boy :)

The World of Warcraft cake.. (the computer game my DH plays)

The spread.. and this is just the appetizers :) we had ribs, roast, baked potatoes, salads and some yummy ice cream desserts.


Allie said...

wow! Just look at that food ... and the cake! Did you make that yourself? Kudos to you girlfriend!

And, FYI - my sis lives across the Bay from your SIL a block up from the sea bus dock in North Van.

Thanks for posting the party pics! Next time I need to host a party I am calling you in to help!!

Ellen said...

no I didn't make the cake myself :) but I paid a lot for it! absolutely, I love planning and prepping for a great party.. I'd love to have a party with you :)