Saturday, February 14, 2009

WW on Saturday & Some Love for Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! One day of the year for a man to show his woman some romance and love.. one day among a few (birthday and anniversary) that most women expect SOMETHING, whether it be a small gesture or a grand one, it doesn't really matter, it's the thoughtfulness behind it - even though it is expected. How funny, we expect something and yet it has to be thoughtful, but is it thoughtful if it is expected? My husband figures Valentines day is "Just another day", which is true, and yes it is true that if he were to do something spontaneous like bring me flowers on any other day, it would probably mean more to me than flowers on Valentines day. The thing is, if your husband doesn't do ANYTHING on Valentines day, the day of LOVE, how much less the chances that he is actually going to do anything on any other given day?? lol, seriously boys, this day was given to you so you can redeem yourselves for all those times you've messed up in the love/romance department :) Let me clarify myself on one issue... time to listen boys.. doing something for your woman on this day to make her feel special isn't really that hard and doesn't need to cost anything, like: doing anything around the house without being asked (like dishes, laundry, taking out the garbage), playing with the kids so we can have a break, running us a hot bubble bath and then watching the kids so they don't bang on the door, making supper and cleaning it up (and if you don't cook, ordering supper is just as nice, altho it does tend to cost money), when you come home from work giving us a big hug and kiss and telling us to go sit down and relax and that you will take care of everything and then follow through with that!! All big brownie points here boys! The thing is, we all know that LOVE isn't just about getting, it's about giving, so after you have chosen one of the following, you may be pleasantly surprised with the love we will give you in return - it will all be worth it boys, I promise you!
Hope everyone has fun, and enjoy all the different kinds of love, love of kids, love of friends, love of partner, love of family! Happy Valentines Day!


Andrea said...

Great post...I should make Jonathan read it! haha. ;)

Carrie said...

That's so true. Good post, Ellen. I love you - Happy Valentine's day!