Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Older pictures..

Well last week was a crazy one at the least.. my son seemed to be off the wall (literally!) but we survived and started a new week and this one seems to be doing much better :) I finally got around to downloading some pictures - they were of our family trip to Edmonton in February 2008. Enjoy :)


Susanna said...

Aaw, such sweet pictures! Any idea why TJ was off the wall? Addison gets like that occasionally, I wonder if it's something he eats? Would be nice to know what to avoid it that's the problem! Hopefully this week will be better for you!

Ellen said...

I have no idea why TJ was acting up all last week. It would be nice if it was just something he ate because then we could just avoid that! but I'm not sure it's that, because he's just testing me all the time - pushing the limits, doing what he's not supposed to and thinking he can get away with it, not listening the first time until I discipline him and then he thinks he can talk his way out of it.. I don't know what to do sometimes, I just get so frustrated!