Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We are still alive :)

Hi all of you! wow you don't realize how much you use the internet until you don't have it!! Well I will fill you all in about the past few weeks.. December 20 (the Wednesday) we were given the ok to move into our new house, December 21 (Thursday) I spent all day cleaning our old appartment so we could get our damage deposit back. December 22 (Friday) we left first thing in the morning to go to Saskatoon for Christmas with Kevin's family! It was sure nice to have holiday time together after the moving frenzy! We really enjoyed being together with the whole family and a lot of the extended family was able to come out as well! It was a great time of food and fun! We finally made our way home on Jan. 1 and arrived to a home that was yet to be unpacked :) We had a few days together as a family until Kevin had to go back to work in Edson. So now I am continuing to unpack and organize everything when Tristian naps :) Sorry that there are no pictures - I wanted to download them onto my computer, but I can't find the connection cord - it's still packed somewhere :) That's pretty normal here, there is still lots to do.. glad to catch up with you all and enjoy your week!!

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